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Sunday 20 May 2012


they look like something from another world, but they are edible..

The hairs need to be removed and the easiest way is to simply lick your thumb and rub them downwards

once they are all done, they look a little like green beans..they are edible raw but they can be bitter so it's much better to roast them or boil them first

once they are roasted in the embers for a little while the skins peel easily from them and the taste is much more palatable, however they are more a survival food rather than a delicacy


  1. I tried the fiddleheads of Christmas ferns once (just a couple bites), but I wouldn't recommend them!

  2. I really like the Asian-style of fixing fiddle heads...boiling and marinating in seasoned soy sauce, etc. Lots of garlic, of course! When I first had them, I had no idea whether they were animal or vegetable.

    1. That sounds like an idea worth pursuing, thanks Penny.

  3. I found them quite palatable, but since I learned they are disputed as carcinogenic, I do not use them any more. Penny is right, however, they can be made quite tasty!

  4. Not the most interesting food I admit,but worth remembering in a life or death scenario.

  5. Right y ´are;-)... and in that scenario I would eat most anything! Thank you, by the way, I keep learning from you, even if I do not comment as regularily as I would like... but you are a constant source of knowledge for me. Respect to you, and keep up that great work!