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Sunday 6 May 2012

Simple Woodcraft Experiments 2

We decided to try another amadou experiment and instead of using polypore we used our old faithful Artists Conk

So we found some nice amadou and cut itup for a test. Davy stretched it out and slightly air dried it, nothing else was done to it, as a matter of fact to me it still felt a little damp.
We tried it with flint and steelbutit wouldn't take a spark, so we tried with a ferro rod and as you can see

It took and smouldered rather well. The thing we found out was that the unprepped amadou itself didn't take the spark but when the sparks from the ferro rod landed on it and charred it or burnt it a little, then another spark landing on the charred portion was what caused the fungi to hold the spark, so that's the trick, this is probably the fungi that will take a spark when charred properly, and I'm sure it would work with a strike-a-light too.

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