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Wednesday 23 May 2012

Viviparous Lizard

You all know Saint Patrick chased all the reptiles out of Ireland, well as a matter of fact he left one behind, and they are a lot less common than they used to be and normally confined to upland areas of the province, however if you are stealthy enough you can come across them if you persevere.

This little one was about 4 inches long and I found him early in the morning, it was quite cool and as a result he was rather inactive, the really interesting thing is though that if you look closely he is in the process of starting to shed his skin, I've never seen a viviparous lizard in this stage before so this was a real glory moment for me.


  1. Great find! I tend to like them ever so much more... and more so since ol´Padreig left one over*ggg* ,that made my day*ggg*!

  2. nicei wish i was out there with you da when you found that it would be awsome