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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Water Mint tea

we were out recently and found some fresh watermint and made a tea with it, we tend to make "teas" rather than infusions as we feel you get a better flavour and extract the goodness more easily this way

Not only does it taste good but it's a lovely looking plant too,with reds,mauves and purples

put directly into cold water then brought to the boil, this helps the essential oils to be released more quickly and we find gives a better flavour

as soon as it boils take it off the heat and remove the plant

the tea will be a mild yellow/green in colour,it will be fragrant and delicious, one of the absolute best wild teas you can get.
Great for easing stomach upsets, relieving nausea, and when cool has antiseptic properties so is great for a wound wash.


  1. Good one. On occasion I carry dried mint in my pack for making tea on the trail, but at home use fresh mint.