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Sunday 6 March 2011

Scouts Education Programme 1

We have been working with our local scout group for the past 18 months or so and this year the wilderness and primitive skills programme we are running with them is a little more intensive.We have already run a fire session with them where we covered all methods of fire production focusing especially on primitive methods. This time the class is the first of 2 sessions on wild food this one being basic animal anatomy and game preparation.

Examination of the game prior to preparation

The Explorer scouts examining a cock pheasant, checking it's estimated age and and looking at primary and secondary feathers and their uses.

I demonstrated how to skin a bird and draw it once it was ready, then it was over to the scouts to start to skin their pheasants. Each one had a go at skinning and removing the meat from both pheasants and pigeons. Emphasis was put on utilising every part of the bird, from the feathers to the meat, the bones and even the entrails.

Davy did a quick masterclass on panassing a trout, some of the kids had a harder time with the fish than the birds!

Then Davy and I had a feast!!

The kids were great and not one shied away from doing what needed to be done, as a matter of fact this class was so popular we had to have the explorers and scouts in together and rumour has it that their parents even wanted to sit in on this! Other sessions will follow throughout the year.

( All parental permissions have been granted.)


  1. Always worthwhile, though I don't find it any fun teaching the scouts where I am anymore. Too much politics & jealousy.

  2. Thanks for your comment Woodrunner, it's such a great pity but it seems there is a lot of that about.