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Sunday 20 March 2011

Easy like Sunday morning..

An easy day out today, nothing special to do except relax and stare at the fire, talk, tell tales and dream dreams, perfect.

Davy got the water on for a brew

We made sausage and egg soda

Proper man food.

Went for a quick walk after and noticed the wood sorrel in bloom

Then went for a little drive to another spot we know to see if we could see our aquatic friend, no joy but the resident otter had been feasting on swan mussels

Great food, great company, great times... days like this are so rare and yet so pleasurable.


  1. Looks great! The best times are when you don't plan anything, that seems to be when you discover the most.

  2. Great times, It's always good to share these day's with true mates. Maybe next time we should have a go and see how many embers we can get with the bow drill.

  3. Nice day out, great man´s food, and spring on the way: What more could you wish for?