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Friday 31 December 2010

Flint Forage

Davy and I went out for a little flint forage, something that isn't in very short supply along the Antrim coast, and there is every grade and colour you can imagine, I have a fondness for the rose coloured variety and Davy likes the really black stuff..I'm no geologist but the sign at the site said that slow erosion can cause a red coloured flint and thats about as much as I know about it..

Looking North along the coast

Looking south along the coast

Looking directly behind us to the west

There are often Landslides along this part of the coast, indeed a small one actually happened while we were there, it was quite noisy and quite an event.

This had mostly happened before we arrived, but the fall that we witnessed was still quite impressive

And this was the bounty, lots of lovely rose red flint..


  1. Brilliant pics.

    Look like a great day out.

    Look forward to getting out with you guys sometime soon.


  2. Hi Alan, heads are already at work trying to plan bits and pieces and as soon as we have anything concrete we will be in touch..