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Tuesday 4 January 2011

The boys of summer...

I love looking back at the fun trips we've had over the past year and it makes it more special when you share them with the little ones in your life..There are some people out there who believe that bushcraft is for adults and kids shouldn't be allowed, but Davy and I completely disagree and find that some of our most memorable trips are ones we have shared with our kids. It is only fair that they have as much fun outdoors as we had when we were kids and it's something we should all encourage..

Matthew, Adam and Logan toasting their weiners, bushcrafters in training!!

Logan with his catch of mackerel after a day out, we took them home and smoked them and they were the best mackerel I have ever tasted !

And Ryan with an absolutely wonderful Ballan wrasse that fought like the Kraken!!

Well done kids, you make us all very proud!!

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