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Sunday 30 January 2011

Some new ground

We decided that if we want to find some decent new territory we have to be prepared to travel for it, so we checked a few places over the past month or so and have been left less than impressed until today. Unfortunately it's not a place that we will be able to get to on a regular basis but when we can it will be very worthwhile. A quick scout around found some interesting things for the bushcrafter, so here are a few pics..other pics will follow if we manage to get there again in the spring..

Sparrowhawk kill, this was one of 3 we found close together.

Dead standing Giant Hogweed. Now Davy is a big lad, well over 6 feet so you can get an idea just how big this stuff is, it's easily 9ft tall!!

Basket makers heaven!

Fire was lit with flint and steel and some of Davy's charcloth.

In no time at all the blaze was well under way..