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Wednesday 26 January 2011


Everyman and his dog publishes edible and medicinal uses for plants, there are hundreds of websites and blogs with so much similar content that it can become tedious and repetative, so to try to vary the info somewhat, whenever I see a plant that takes my fancy, I'll post a pic of it and tell you something about it, but this time with a little bit of earth magic..I'll try to relate some interesting myths or folklore about it instead of, "yes the root can be made into coffee and the leaves taste of green, and a decoction will keep you regular!!", yawn !... so a trip last week saw us come across this lovely thing..

The dried heads used to be used to raise the knap on woven cloth but Irish tradition has it that when you have finished with them you should leave them on the wall of a graveyard for the Banshee to use incase she ever forgets her comb!

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