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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Winter Wild Edibles

I went for a quick walk today just to see what wild edibles are still available at this time of year. Of course our ancestors would have stored foodstuffs away, but if you were caught out at this time of year, what is there to help you survive in this part of the world?..
                    Good old faithful Haws, but beware the dreaded cyanide seeds!!

                                         The last of Autumns Blackberries..


                                  Some new winter nettle growth coming through

Dandelion Leaves

                                          Vast amounts of opposite leaf saxifrage

And a few manky walnuts

All in all not a bad find for an Hours forage, but in a survival situation these stocks would be depleted very quickly and would provide very little calorific value anyway, hunting and fishing and trapping as well as the stores you would have laid away for the lean  months are what we would rely on more at this time of year.

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