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Sunday 21 August 2011

Malayan Ember pit

Occasionally on an online forum we will get a sarcy comment about the content of our blog from somebody we know pretending to be someone we don't, this we find utterly hilarious!! So on with our food and fire post! We decided to do the pigeon breasts in a method we try only rarely, the Malayan ember pit..

First thing to do is dig a shallow depression in the ground and fill it with hot embers from your fire, just big enough to heat the full size of your pan

Put your pan on the embers and allow it to heat up then add your meat

Once the meat has cooked add your choice of bread and heat it gently

All done and ready to serve.
The best thing about this method is that it offers a very even slow cook, it's rare to burn anything and is great for just simple cooking and brilliant for Bannock , Pancakes or Drop scones.


  1. Thanks again, and I am myself exactly what I am pretending to be;-)for one, for the most part, that is... ;-).

    Very helpful again, I keep learning from you!

  2. LOL, Thanks Fimbulmyrk, your comments are always welcome!!