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Wednesday 24 August 2011

The problem with Pollack

A certain celebrity chef who's name is something like Huge Furry Whittling tool has a fish thing going on at the minute telling us not to eat cod but instead go for mackerel and pollack

Well, above is the reason why you shouldn't eat pollack, they are full of flesh worms, now I don't know whether these can do any harm to a human or not but I certainly wouldn't like to eat them..NOTE these are not gut worms that can be disposed off when the fish is gutted, these are FLESH worms, they live in the meat!! Nearly every pollack I have caught have these in the flesh if you look hard enough, some are white so are hard to spot..He didn't tell you that on the show did he !!!!


  1. Not particularly appetising I must say. Although these type of worms can be fairly common in all species of fish in some areas. These parasites will be killed after cooking properly and that's why I'm not a great fan on eating sushi. Hopefully it's not the Anisakis nematode.

  2. Oh. This gives me the heebie-jeebies. I much prefer your post about the fresh pigeon breasts roasting outdoors on embers.