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Wednesday 17 August 2011

Breasting a pigeon

I made a very simple knife from a hacksaw blade and managed to get a couple of pigeons so I thought I'd use the knife to breast out the birds

A nice brace of birds

First remove the feathers from the breast

Make an incision along the breast bone and run your knife along it using the bone as your guide

ease the breast from the bone and cut down and out

and just remove the meat from the carcass, then do the same to the other side

and here is the result, ready for cooking...

Don't forget about the rest of the bird, keep the feathers for craft projects, use the bones for needles and use the rest of the meat for soup..If this isn't practical or possible give whats left back to nature, foxes, Buzzards, Corvids etc will all be very glad of an easy meal or failing that even bettles and other insects will soon reclaim what you've left.


  1. Great post! I just did this very thing a few days ago.

  2. The thing I think I miss most about the UK is its wildlife, & in particular the wood pigeon.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys

  4. Thanks a lot, this was very helpful.