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Tuesday 25 April 2017

Blackberry leaf tea.

One of the most under rated but most valuable forms of wild bush teas is blackberry leaf tea. Like all members 9f the rubus genus the leaves, at this time of year, are full of flavonoids, vitamins, and antioxidants as well as trace elements and minerals.

The tea is most well known for helping cure diarrhea but is also superb for most stomach and digestive problems not to mention that it is reputedly anticarcinogenic . This is the best time of the year to pick the young newly emerging leaves, leave them in an open airy room for a few days to dry out them store them in an air tight jar out of sunlight until ready to use.
One teaspoon to a cup of water, let it 8nfuse for 5 minutes then strain and drink, no more than 2 cups a day.
It is also supposedly good for skin ailments though I haven't tried this myself.

The blackberry is supposedly the official fruit of the state of Alabama and the blackberry plant is connected with the Irish goddess of healing Airmid.

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