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Sunday 14 August 2016

The 12 Buzzard Bush-rites.

We often get asked by people what steps they should take when learning bushcraft, what to practise and what to learn when it comes to simple practical skills, as a matter of fact we get asked this so often that over time we developed the 12 Buzzard Bush-rites.
These are little steps to take when first setting out on your bushcraft journey, they are only to help and guide and give an idea of what a beginner might like to try out when starting off, they are by no means exclusive but they do set a good foundation on which to start building your knowledge, (there are another advanced 12 bush-rites but these come later with much experience and practise).
I thought you might like to see them.
1. Build your own debris shelter and spend the night in it.
2. Make a fire from a spark using tinder gathered only on the day, nothing preprepared or brought along
3. Find water, filter and purify it and make a bush tea.
4. Be able to identify 10 native wild plants and know their uses.
5. Make your own knife from flint, bone or steel.
6. Get an ember from a bow drill set you've made yourself.
7. Be able to pick out the north star.
8. Use a bush medicine to heal a small wound, cut, bite or sting.
9. Make 10 feet of natural cordage.
10. Prepare a complete meal from  the wild using only food you have fished, foraged, hunted, trapped or gathered by yourself.
11. Carve a spatula, spoon, kuksa or bowl from wood and use it.
12. Pass on your knowledge freely asking nothing in return.
I'm sure each person has their own ideas as to good beginners lessons and I'd love to hear your suggestions.
Buzzard Blessings to you all.


  1. Great list - especially #12

  2. Done all except for 1,5,10 and 11. On 5 have only made arrow points and basic blades. On 10 have killed and ate rattle snake, rabbit and pack rat. Didn't mix with wild edible plants. Ate those on there own.

    1. Sounds like you are already very proficient in your craft Michael, well done.