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Wednesday 24 August 2016

Simple Improvised Lure Saved the Day.

It's been a long long time since I've fished a rock mark, I normally fish from the boat these days, but I thought I'd head out to a place I haven't fished in 20 years. The weather wasn't great and I really didn't plan the trip but grabbed a bag and got to the mark at midway on the flow. However on opening my bag I realised I hadn't brought any lures, just line, weights and hooks, so breaking out in a panic and not fancying another 50 mile round trip to get them I searched along the rocks to see what I could find..the result... one pigeon feather! So I whipped it onto a size 1/0 o'shaugnessy and added a 3oz lead and started the day by casting to the horizon..

After an hour I hadn't had a thing, but with no option other than to try or give up I kept plugging away, it wasn't long after I had my first take and landed a nice little mackerel, then the fish came on..

you can see the improvised feather lure over the mackerel in the above pic.

I ended the day with 8 mackerel, 3 coalfish (we call them 'blocken' locally) and a pollock, all in all a good day which could have been a waste were it not for the luck of a simple feather.

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