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Friday 29 August 2014

New Mora Allround 511

You heard it mentioned previously that Mora was releasing a couple of updated models, the 511 being one of them, well here it is

nice looking knife

big chunky handle and the usual blade shape, the blade is 91mm long and 2mm thick, personally I still think the blade is just slightly too thin for this knife.

It's handle is chunkier than the earlier models and it feels very comfortable in the hand

the only thing I will say is that it feels slightly unbalanced due to such a big handle and thin blade but it's still a very user friendly knife.

you can see the scale in my hand here, I do think like the older 511 models that it would be a more comfortable user if the front guard was taken down a bit, but as we all know this will give problems with sheath retention..
Still, a very cheap knife and a good user, I can see it becoming a bushcraft favourite.

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