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Friday 1 August 2014

Possibles Pouch Contents - 21st Century Style

I guess we all have a possibles pouch of sorts, even if it's just whats in the contents of our pockets, but I tend to carry one in each bag I use, be it 24hr up to weekly bags, each has a little 1litre dry bag containing items I may need.. Just like the pioneers who carried, shot, a knife, firemaking equipment or even a pipe and tobacco in theirs, each pouch tends to be a reflection of the person who put it together..

and here it is, all contents safe and sound and protected from water, it packs down to about 6x5x4 inches, I think that's pretty tidy!

and here's the contents of this one, as I say each one may differ slightly but this is a pretty standard kit. I like to pack with the idea that each item has multiple uses

1. the dry bag itself, aside from containing everything also acts as a water carrier, forage bag
2. a plastic ziplock bag for water or burn dressings or a container
3. some water disinfecting tablets
4. an electrolite drink mix
5. a lighter
6. a cotton bandana, for filtering, making charcloth , wound dressing etc
7. a carbon steel knife, for cutting also for throwing sparks
8. a small torch/flashlight
9. a roll of duct tape, for repairs, wounds, and it also burns very well
10. a pair of tweezers for removing splinters, ticks etc
11. a small multitool, a myriad of uses!
12. a folding spoon or sometimes a masala spoon
13. a needle and strong linen thread, for repairs, cordage, snares, fishing line etc.
14. a folding cup, drinking vessel, container
15. a tin opener, can be utilised as a cutting tool or made into an arrowhead
16. a tube of superglue, for repairs (I've actually had to use this to fix a crown! It's still going strong!!)
17. A tin of vaseline (I use my own maxiwax instead, it's edible, burns well, lubricates and waterproofs, can make a candle from it!) Use the tin for char cloth
18. safety pins, lots of little uses, even making into fish hooks.

this nearly covers the 5 C's of survivability, the only thing missing is shelter, but I usually have a tarp or even good waterproofs, or if needs must I can build a shelter..

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