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Friday 29 August 2014

Mora 511 Allround PRO C

The allround 511 is not the only budget model that's been released it's also got a posher big brother the Pro C , and here it is

There are 2 differences between the basic model and this one, both easy to see, one being that this model has a rubber cover over the handle and second that the blade is considerably wider that the basic model.

when I say rubber, it's not really rubber but the same material that you'll find on  lot of mora's, like the robust and companion, it's very comfortable and very grippy, feels good in the hand and looks very well indeed.

exactly the same sized handle as the basic 511 and also uses the same sheath, (which is actually quite nice, it's not black but almost a dark gunmetal bronze, looks really well).

Again the same thickness of steel, 2mm, but a chunkier blade that makes it feel more resilient and a better bushy blade.

It's a nice blade, but this is where the comparisons with Hultafors will start, their heavy duty knife is very similar to the Pro C but with a thicker blade that a lot of bushcrafters would prefer so I guess it basically comes down to personal preference, the thinner blade is nicey slicey, the hultafors heavy duty would be more robust, the only 2 things I would change about the Pro C are I would make the blade 3mm, (with the corresponding deeper grind) and give it a better point, A good point on a bushcraft blade is something that is often overlooked.

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