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Sunday 15 June 2014

Common Stinkhorn

Quite an unusual looking fungus isn't it?? I'm sure you can imagine some of it's more common names without me having to write them here!
It's latin name is Phallus..enough said!

It is edible and considered a delicacy in certain countries. It's also one of the fastest growing mushrooms in the world, growing from it's egg stage to it's full size in about 6 hours!! It's supposed to be highly unpleasant and able to be smelt over long distances, but this one didn't smell much of anything.. though when I first noticed it, it was covered in flies so they obviously liked something about it!


  1. There used to be a kind that grew around our sawmill that I could smell 30 feet away, but they were the color and shape of a certain male dog part.

  2. I have eaten this before it grew ( while it still looked like and egg ( don't bother it's foul). When it's fully" erect" it attracts bluebottles to spread its spores. Bluebottles = disease! don't eat it when it looks like the photo you will likely get sick.