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Tuesday 10 June 2014

Troy James Knapp

This is a man who has lived wild in Utah for at least the past 7 years

Known by many as Mountain Man he's become a Robin Hood figure, often stealing from cabins and leaving thank you notes for the items he took!
He lived in the Hills shooting small game with rifles he stole and hiding away in snow bound cabins in the mountains.

A newspaper report says this about him

Knapp was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and got into trouble with the law early. As a teenager, he was convicted of breaking and entering, passing bad checks and unlawful flight from authorities, according to court records. Knapp drifted across the country and ended up in prison in California for burglary. He fell off the radar in 2004 when he "went on the run" while on parole.

He shot at a helicoper containing police who were trying to bring him in and this probably resulted in such a stiff sentence of 10 years..

So what do you think, Hero or Villain, genuine modern day Mountain Man or low life criminal? Can't help thinking that regardless there will probably be a movie and book deal somewhere down the line..

But for a man used to the great outdoors and surviving wild for the past 7 years, 10 years in confinement is going to be a very hard pill to swallow.


  1. He may never make it out alive.

  2. He's a very poor excuse for a woodsman. Taking the property of others and then camping out int he woods hardly makes one a woodsman.

  3. Not to condone what he did, but he never considered himself a woodsman, bushcrafter or's a case of living out in he woods and using all at your disposal to keep yourself alive.. true survival or common theft?

  4. This is what will happen if low-lifes want to survive the wild.

    And since our society is full of them, not the least being bankers, head citizens, managers and merchants, we all know what will happen when things break down.

    They will use all at their disposal to keep alive; including cannibalism. The zombie apocalypse scenario is not that unrealistic. Plus, many resources cannot even be put to survival use at all to date, including fracking-polluted ground water, transmutant crops and fallout-polluted wildlife stock, so chance is, we all will end up the same. As much as I am with Ross, but those who are meanest and most brutal survive best under those circumstances.