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Sunday 18 May 2014

Greater Stitchwort

One of the more common woodside plants and easily indentifiable, but it's unusual that people know so little about it

it's quite often found in abundance just like you see here and normally in flower from about late April until June

Greater stitchwort is easy to confuse with Lesser stitchwort, but the petals on the latter are narrower and the incision goes nearly the full length of the petal, Greater has a 'wider' flower and the split is about half way.

very pretty little flower.. which is edible as is, the young stalks can be eaten once boiled..

Some times called Adders meat due to the 'forked tongue' appearance and also the Thunder flower as it's said to encourage thunderstorms if picked.

Originally called stitchwort due to the fact that it was said to cure the stitch in your side after vigorous excercise.

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