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Sunday 11 May 2014

Nettle Tea

Probably the most common wild tea, drunk everywhere in the world..I don't think there's a woodsman out there who hasn't tried it, and there's quite a few other "normal" people who have too!!

It's got so many health benefits that even dismissing the (lovely) taste, it's still worth brewing and drinking. It's got Vitamins, K,C and A as well as Iron, potassium, proteins and anti inflammatory properties, it also acts as an antihistamine and is anti-carcinogenic due to the Lycopene it contains

I like a strong decoction, so fill your pot or kettle with a good handful of fresh nettle tops, and bring to the boil

once boiled, take off the heat and pour into your mug

it's got this lovely greeny honey colour and tastes divine..

Milarepa a Tibetan Monk is said to have lived on nothing but nettle leaves and when he died his skin was said to be green due to his diet!

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