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Thursday 20 June 2013

Dryads Saddle

There are not many fungi I am comfortable with identifying correctly, but this one is hard to get wrong. A lovely looking tree fungus with a feathery appearance giving rise to the common names of "Pheasants feather fungus" and "Hawks wing".
This is an edible fungus, when young anyway as it tends to get tough when older. I've eaten it once when I think I must have over cooked it as it got quite tough, apparently it's best to flash fry them in a little butter. I've also read that they taste of Lemon and also Melon !! Er I wish they did but to me it was a delicate mushroom taste, unsurprisingly!
Still I will try them again sometime, but I left these ones alone as they don't appear in our woods that often and I'd like them to spore for a future harvest.

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