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Sunday 15 April 2012

Buzzard the Hunter

I went out to think and ponder, to seek my muse and spend some time with the buzzards on the hill, there was one up there behaving unusually spending a lot of time circling one area

I watched him for a good 20 minutes until he dropped and stayed down, I was pretty certain he'd made a kill so I went looking for him, I knew roughly where he was

As I made my way towards where I thought he was he must have heard me and I could have swore he took off with something in his talons, but he was just too far away to be sure, nonetheless I went to where he lifted off from and low and behold there was lots of rabbit fur

and more

and more..

and even more including lumps of skin that he'd torn off, and if you look closely just to the right of the top piece of skin you can even see specks of fresh blood..

The interesting thing about this kill was that he'd kept it up off the ground, seemingly hopping from branch to trunk, it must have been a large rabbit and difficult to kill and he'd certainly been savagely going at it,not a nice way to go! Still, this for me is what bushcraft is about,it's a vehicle to bring you closer to nature, I don't see the point of going to the woods just to light a fire or bury yourself in leaves or chop down trees, it should be about wild open places and the flora and fauna that call it home, it should be about the respect for the animals and plants we inhabit this planet along side, if you can't appreciate and study the wonders of the world, then you are simply not a bushcrafter..

Oh, and I think I found my muse.


  1. The type of buzzards that we have in my area eat only carrion and don't make their own kills. Paved highways (and thus road-kills)have dramically increased their numbers over the last forty years, though no-one thinks to give that as the reason.

    1. Buzzards have increased in numbers here too Gorges and that could very well be a contributing factor, thankyou for that.

  2. Good observation & find, well done.
    Good post.

  3. That's pretty cool. I was eating lots of rabbit this year

    1. Thats good to hear John, much better for you than all the innoculated,vaccinated,medicated meat we get from supermarkets! Good for you.