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Sunday 1 April 2012

ASDA sponsorship day out

Being a completely non profit organisation Buzzard Bushcraft were very privilaged to be the recipients of ASDA Westwood's "Community Collegues" choice for a free days fishing with Angling First at Dromore, we were allowed to bring a group of kids so as we work closely with a Belfast scout troop they were our natural choice.

The kids all in position, with safety gear on and ready for the fun ahead!

Pole fishing was the order of the day and it wasn't too long before the first fish came aboard,a nice little 6 ounce roach

another roach, a little bigger this time probably around 3/4lb..quite a nice fish!

Zippy caught a gudgeon!

This maybe one of our smallest native fish,but it's one of the most beautiful, I have had many happy hours on the banks of the moyola catching these in my youth!

wee skimmer bream were also caught!

and wonder of wonders even the big man managed a couple of fish!!
the fishing slowed down after a while but we still had fun with maggot races and the odd ducking!
a great day was had by all.

Buzzard would like to say a big thankyou to Angling First and an even bigger thankyou to ASDA for their support and consideration of us with such a generous gesture.



  1. A great day for sure, and in many cases there would not be such an opportunity without sponsoring. But you do a great job organizing, and more so, keeping kids in contact with nature.

    My respect to you, brother!

  2. Thankyou Fimbulmyrk, I really appreciate those words.

  3. Just getting a chance to catch up on the blog.
    The kids really enjoyed their over nighter and the knowledge that was imparted to them at Gosford before they went fishing on the Saturday.
    As the group leader of the scouts involved I can not thank the guys enough for their continued involvement and valuable support they offer to the troop on a regular and on going basis.