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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Three Cornered Garlic

We were out recently and came across this nice wee find, It's called three cornered garlic (also called three cornered leek, angled onion, onion weed ,wild onion and triangular stalked Garlic)

from a distance they look like spanish bluebells but closer inspection (and taste) puts that idea to rights.
They are said to have a taste somewhere between garlic and leek, but I don't find that at all, I think they are more like a cross between garlic and scallion, not as strong tasting as wild garlic and with a nice onion after kick, all parts of the plant are edible

you can see why it gets the name 3 cornered by the stem profile. A good wild edible to find, it is actually a mediterranean plant introduced in the late nineteenth century and now wildly can be invasive so don't worry about taking and eating as much of this non native plant as you want!

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