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Saturday 24 March 2012

The Rooks have hatched!

It's a little early this year but I've been watching the local rooks for quite a few weeks, nest building and mating, it's a wonderful spectacle. The intricacies of our avian friends always fascinate me..

High up in the limes the nests are precariously perched and it's hard to see whats going on but persistence pays off and today the corvids sent me a little gift

evidience that the little ones have hatched, it's as if they're trying to tell me that they've successfully become a mom and dad!

you can even see the evidence of the yolk sac and where the little one has pecked out of the shell. Again sometimes the smallest things give me the greateast satisfaction.


  1. When I was a kid living in England there was a Rookery at the end of a no though road called Dark Lane. I used to love to go there & sit for ages watching the rookery & hearing their calls. I went back some years ago, & the trees had been cut down. Very sad indeed.

  2. Thanks for the comments gentlemen, it's always a pleasure to have you visit.

  3. Again with an appreciative eye of wonder on the seemingly simple things! Just so you know, I love reading and looking at all your posts, don't always comment and of course don't require your acknowledgment that I have commented. I know you read your readers' comments. :)

  4. Thanks Penny..we are of a similar mind !!