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Thursday 15 September 2011

Lazy doin nuthin

We have been nomad beach bums over the past few weeks, doing nothing much but camping, fishing, watching wildlife and cooking simple foods on wild shores, we've been over hills, down valleys, across mountains and sailed stormy seas, it's been a release like no other. September is a time to go whale and dolphin watching in the Irish sea and we've been afloat in all weather trying to spot some aquatic mammals and they are not easy to see and even more difficult to photograph!!

As I said difficult to photograph but enlarge the picture and look at the top left corner to see a common porpoise breaking surface, this day we saw a pod of about 6 of them but the stayed about 50 yards from the Buzzard Boat circling out of curiousity but not all surfacing at the same time, apparently we'd missed a few Minke whales the day before, ah well maybe next year..


  1. That sounds like a good life, and some great shots to boot. Often it´s in teh details... did you see the porpoise before taking the photo?

  2. Yeah, we saw a few of them that day, but I used a cheap camera and they surface so quickly that as soon as they surfaced I had to try to take the pic which has a small delay on the shot and the porpoise had went down again by the time the shutter clicked!! It took a lot of shots and bad timing to get any..