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Wednesday 28 September 2011

Disappointing year for Blackberries

As the title says it's not been a great year for blackberries over here. September for me is a time when I look forward to this harvest and a site I know is usually stuffed with them..

But not this year..

and what few there are tend to be small and pitiful

What few I did find I left for the birds as this could be another very cold winter and those little critters will need them more than me.


  1. Over here they were sprouting like mad this year, but already in July / August. What there still is, is small and pitiful, too, but there are also blossoms, and that´s really weird. Funny year all in all, plum´s blossoming, too, again, while there are fruit already. Blackberries and raspberries had fruit at the ame time. Apples were gigantic.

    Something´s going on here, if you ask me, but then I am a superstituous madman at teh best of times:-).

  2. Yes, plums and apples were very good this year, as were sloes, elderberries and billberries but raspberries and blackberries are not great at all, as you say there seems to be something going on!!