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Sunday 20 February 2011

Impromptu Day Out

A few of us headed out today to a site we hadn't been to in quite a while, it's a nice wee place although limited in resources so we don't go there very often. Anyway Sandy and Stephen set the fire today and that was a challenge cause the ground was seriously saturated

The fire had to be set with natural tinder and only from what was found around us which was not easy as everything was soaking..still, some grass was found and dried in our clothing, gorse, hogweed and birch bark finished off the bundle and although it was damp, a few attempts with the ferro rod got the whole thing well under way,not an easy task, well done guys..

food was soon on the go

A quick dander around found a lot of Rabbit activity

And while Sandy set up a squirrel pole

Davy took 40 winks and let the rest of us do all the work!

For those of you guys who couldn't make it today, you missed a good day out but this year will provide many more, we all look forward to it.

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