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Sunday 13 February 2011

Mr Fox

He was out on the hunt today and left something behind..

Pretty obvious evidence

Look what it contained, now this was too big for a little bird, so we were guessing that Mr Fox had managed to grab a pigeon, but we needed more evidence..

And sure enough, after following his trail for a while, here it was...

And you can see that  the quill has been well chewed, sure sign that this was what old reynard had left behind.

There seems to be something good to enjoy every time we go out, but we would like to spend more time around the fire just shooting the breeze and dreaming, it's not about having tasks or challenges, it's not about pushing yourself, it's not about forcing yourself to do something new each time you go out, it's actually about enjoyment, and what we like doing is sitting and watching the flames dance, that is pleasure, that is contentment, and thats what we intend to do some more of!...maybe next time!

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  1. Good post. I love finding & following sign. I never tire of it.