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Tuesday 20 June 2017

Another day at the forge.

We managed to get the rest of the guys their chance at the forge last weekend. They'd all been looking forward to this for a while and this time it was decided to make Viking knives.

The weather was so good this time that we brought the anvils and forges outside

Didn't take long for everyone to get there forging heads on and start to focus on the steel.

There was great craic as everyone worked diligently and encouraged the friendly rivalry that was going on

Didn't take long for the knives to take shape

And after a couple of hours there were some great finished pieces on show


  1. Way cool! I would personally make a smaller scroll, none at all or a leaf at the end that partly wraps around the tang. That makes the knives more versatile in my book, but maybe that´s just me... ;-)

    1. Something to bare in mind for next time!