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Friday 15 January 2016

New mora full tang knife release

Mora will be releasing a new full tang knife on Tuesday 19th January at the shot show in Las Vegas .. let's see if it sets the world alight !

However the price will determine whether this is a success or failure.. Remember how excited we all were last year with the release of the pathfinder but the reality turned sour when we all saw the price..that one was no success story,I hope for better things this time around.

Edit 3.16 GMT 19.1.2016. The knife has officially been released you can see it on Dave canterburys YouTube channel .. its not bad looking, but it's in stainless steel which will disappoint a lot of people and for me there is a lack of a decent point needed for delicate work when wood working... I'll probably get one but I can't see it replacing my red mora 510's. Not exactly what I'd hoped for, mora you need to contact us at Buzzard for feedback on new knives like this! Lol

It's already being nicknamed the 'Garbage'.. oh Mora what have you done ?
Your designers testers and marketing people have all failed badly .. I'm left so disappointed about this.

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