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Sunday 14 June 2015

Roadkill Lunch

Not one to pass up a free lunch when nature provides it, Davy and I came a cross a head flattened grey squirrel lying in the middle of a country lane, so we did what any good bushcrafter would do when coming across such a feast, stop, grab it and prep it.

so onto a stump to prep it for cooking. We did find out that it's guts had been squashed though there was no serious smell, so we figured that it would be okay

The majority of it was in a bad way, bones all broken and meat torn, but we made the most of what was usable, it was dipped in flour and prepared for the pan.

gently fried in butter and looking good

and KFC eat your heart out, it looked fantastic, taste however was something else, it was vile!!

(Maybe next time we won't leave it in a hot car for 5 hours before cooking it!!!)


  1. There are religious reasons not to eat meat that hasn't been bled properly. There are also practical reasons. Probably neither apply to "car baking," however. lol

  2. Lol I think you're definitely right there Gorges!