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Sunday 21 June 2015

Another Custom Blade - Killrathi Knives

Hi, I'm Phil and I'm an addict, a Knife addict!!
There I said it, it won't come as any surprise to you guys out there and I guess any outdoorsman has a healthy respect and appreciation for good cutting tools.
Thing is there's this little Goblin that sits on my shoulder and whispers 3 little words into my ear, those words are
"just one more"...
Now normally I can ignore this temptation and just swat him off my shoulder, but occasionally it gets through, and recently after finding some superb new Bladesmiths I found myself buying a new custom Blade Blank from Marcin at Killrathi Knives in Poland.
It's his take on the Bushcraft knife made from L2 (for all intents and purposes it's the same as 80crV2).. I've used L6 before on knife blades and this is similar just with less nickel in the mix.

It's an unfinished blade (which keeps the cost down) though it's HT'd and tempered with an RC of 60, sharpened and looking good so far.. I'll put a simple walnut handle on this one and give it a run though over the summer and report back with a review when it's been heavily put through it's paces.
Just one thing, that little Goblin on my shoulder is still there and keeps whispering those same 3 words...

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