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Sunday 7 December 2014

Mora Pro C Robust Knife in the flesh.

Although not supposedly due out until 2015 there are a few of these floating about if you can get them.. After the pictures I posted a while back I'm happy to say the knife is slightly better in the flesh than it looked on paper

it's actually a sort of browney bronzey colour in real life, handle is comfortable though the front guard is too large for me and I think I'll have to trim it down, blade is stubby at about 95 mm but about 25mm wide

as you can see the blade is about 3.2mm thick and unfinished so will need squared off for use with a ferro rod, though that's not such a problem.

in the hand it feels nice though those of you with really big hands might find it uncomfortable (I've size 10 hands), if feels like a good quality knife and should stand up to lots of abuse

cons?,,, well it's got a damn big gap (nearly 1mm)  between the blade and the handle, this has me concerned as to just how well fixed the blade is to the handle. I'm not as worried about the bacteria build up inside the handle as I am about water ingress and this being a carbon blade the ultimate rust that will follow eventually causing the blade to fail, this serioulsy needs to be rectified if this is to be a contender as a field knife for outdoorsmen, it's a pretty big problem that Mora really needs to resolve urgently.
I'll fill mine with superglue but it's really something that shouldn't need to be done on a brand new knife.

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