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Monday 22 December 2014

Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury

It's Dave's newest book and I thought I'd give it a passing review.

For those of you who have been watching Dave's videos for years you're not going to find much new material, it's a condensation of some of his knowledge confined into paper format.
It follows the standard format for a bushcraft or survival book, taking about tools, skills and basic common sense practise. It's an enjoyable read though for those of us who have been practising these skills for years it's unlikely you'll find anything new or remarkable inside. What it does do well though, is go over the fundamentals that we all take for granted and we really should revisit more often than we do. It's well led out, drawings are clear though basic and information is concisely portrayed. It would be a great book for beginners or preppers who might want to carry one in their B.O.B..
For the rest of us, it's good to see him put his knowledge into the printed word and it will occupy an important spot in your bushcraft library.

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