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Sunday 6 July 2014

Lauri 120 Blade Hawthorn Handle Knife

Got the knife making bug again so thought I'd make one with another Lauri blade, I used a piece of Hawthorn that I cut myself and let dry for the handle.

all the bits ready to go, the hawthorn has had the outer bark stripped but the cambium layer left on to prevent it drying out too fast indoors, it can be prone to splitting.

the hole was drilled then sawed out to make it wide enough to accept the tang of the blade

all the bits assembled and glued, the brass end cap placed then peened to prevent it coming loose

you can see the end cap better in this shot

ok, obviously a step on! All sanded down and handle shaped and blade rubbed to give a satin finish.. you can see how creamy white hawthorn tends to be.

and with it's new set of clothes!

and a buzzard Logo..

Hawthorn is a fairy wood and is said to possess great powers, Talismans were often made from this wood and given to a loved one to protect them when they were apart from each other, it keeps the memory of your lover always close to mind and protects them from harm, it's also a wood that attracts the attention of the little people so it's best to always ask before taking the wood in the first place!
So if anyone ever gives you a token made from hawthorn, treasure it, it's got power.


  1. A beautiful knife and a beautiful kind of advice! May the folk protect you always!

    Blessings /|\

  2. Thanks brother, good to see you're still around!!

  3. Where should I be other than around?;-) I am a lazy bum with no computer so please forgive my absence from time to time, but I always browse through your blog for info on wild plants and recommend it to anyone interested in actually DOING instead of carrying fancy gear around;-).

    1. Thats what I like about your blog too, actual skills put into action!

  4. Nice job, that hawthorn looks great.