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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Waxing my Swedish Snow Smock

I've got a couple of these but don't wear them much as they're not waterproof, but I figured I'd wax one and see how it fared
I made a mixture of 5 parts vaseline to 1 part beeswax, now this isn't the mix I normally use, I normally use candle wax instead of beeswax as this makes a thicker firmer wax coating.. but as this is a light weight garment so I figured flexiblity would be more important

I dabbed the mixture on with a paintbrush and melted it with a hair dryer, after it cured it still remained tacky and sticky, I probably should have used my regular mix.
However I will try it out over the next few months and report back on it's preformance.


  1. Enjoy your blog. I have had good luck incorporating boiled linseed oil into mixes similar to yours. It allows the whole mix to dry into a firmer less sticky/slimey coating.

    1. Thanks Chuck,I've read about adding linseed oil though I've heard the mixture takes a long time to cure.

    2. Buzzard, It has been a while since I experimented with it but as I recall it was only a day or two in a ventilated environment for a usable cure.

    3. sounds good Chuck, I think it may well be worth experimenting with.