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Monday 22 July 2013

Bush Tea's... Linden Tea

A little late this year but the lime blossoms are in full bloom and it's a good time to pick them for one of the most common Tisanes consumed in Europe - Linden Tea
pick enough flowers to see you through the winter as it's also a great remedy for cold's and flu's
Dry them for a few days

I like to brew it rather than infuse it to get a slightly stronger flavour and to make sure I get all the goodness from the blossoms
save the rest in a sealed jar and put it out of direct sunlight
after a few minutes boiling I poured a glass of the Tea, a lovely pale yellow and slightly floral mild tasting tea, it was a little too hot so I added some cold water and...
after a minute or two it turned orange!
Haven't had this happen before but it was quite a pleasant party trick!
It's a good tea for the winter time but it excels at relaxing you after a stressful day, also good for nervous disorders!

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