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Sunday 10 March 2013

Spruce Root Basket

I've seen baskets like this made by various indigenous people but can't remember what they're called! We just call them tuck baskets as you can tuck them into your belt or waistband or even in the crook of your arm to free up your hands for filling the basket with what ever you're foraging
they are made from ribs of whatever you can find, dogwood in this case, then just wound round with spruce roots..
I suppose some people would call them cornucopias but regardless what they're called they are simple to make and a very effective handy basket
An easy basket to make, rough and ready, fast and functional, one thing I will say if you want to make one of these is gather as many spruce roots as you need then double it, cause you'll be surprised to see just how many roots are needed for this.
You could make one in about an hour or two depending on it's size and they are a good alternative if you can't find willow, dogwood or any of the ususal basket weaving materials.

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