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Thursday 14 March 2013

Fake Fallkniven

Look closely, is this a Falky F1??

Looks good doesn't it?
etching looks good, but look at the bevel

is that a convex edge of the F1?  Obviously not but it would be easy to rectify
the edge is good and the steel holds it's edge well as you can see it chopped through this branch easily enough..
But beware, I know people who have bought F1's to find out thery're not F1's, but when you consider a Fallkniven F1 is around £100 and the one above is £10, you can see why the market is being flooded with wary!!


  1. ...but they cut still. Sorry for Fällkniven. I own a real F1, and it´s good. But it´s not so amazing that the price tag should be rectified. Okay, I gave it a right beating, but I did the same to a Mora. Both prevailed.

    It would be quite a different story if it were handmade, but production cost in China or Japan (where they are produced) might be some 7€. The handle is injection-molded, the steel laser-cut. At a price only marginally higher you get a custom knife made to your specs from a local knifemaker.

    I am with you on the fakes, but it´s no wonder people keep buying them.

  2. I have to agree, the price of fallknivens has increased dramatically in recent years, they will be pricing themselves out of the market! No wonder the fakes are so popular.

  3. That´s a sorry fact. I used to be very fond of the Falkies... now it´s gone somewhat stale, my enthusiasm, that is. A knife tailormade by Ilkka Seikku costs 200€ with all-natural materials and tested in a way that could as well beat the holymoses out of a Fällkniven knife (I did not dare do it to it yet, it´s still a great knife and I don´t want to destroy it...). It´s a bit like with those Puma knives. Nice to look at, well made, but 380€ for a monosteel 1.4125 (440C) blade, stag handle or no? No sir, guess I´ll stick with a Mora or one made by myself, if that one´ll fail I know who´s to blame and haven´t paid anything;-).

  4. So now they have added the lamination line as well, by etching a line.
    This fake is otherwise easily spotted by the lack of "notch" where the blade ends.

    The A1's are also being faked.