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Sunday 17 February 2013

Debris Shelter...or not?

By it's very definition a shelter is meant to shelter, however rain is not always what you need protection from, at times it's snow, cold or even wind and the later was what we needed protection from today, so we just needed to make something simple that broke up the constant battering from the wind gods..
you can see the state of these woods and the damage the wind has done lately, so we just needed something to break up the chill factor
we choose a small tree that had fallen and built up a simple framework that had it's back to the breeze
covered it quickly with a few cedar and spruce boughs
and all cosy underneath with plenty of leaf litter.. This shelter was set at 45 degrees, a little too shallow to prevent rain from getting in, but it certainly stopped the wind!
It only took about an hour to put this together, we could have spent another couple of hours covering it in leaf litter to make it waterproof or just took 5 minutes and stretched a tarp over it to make it waterproof..what would you have done???
Sometimes the wind can be a killer and just getting out of it can raise the temp by quite a few degrees, and this was the case we say over here "we have a lazy wind, it goes through you instead of around you"..


  1. Excellent, well done. Looks good.Better than a tent any day.
    Regards, Keith.

    1. Thanks Keith, your comments are always appreciated.