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Sunday 3 February 2013

Mora Classic #2 Modified

Most of you will have heard of if not have used (and if not why not?) the wooden handle Mora Classic series  knives. However I know there are certain hesitations with people over this knife due to the lack of a guard, however there are a few simple mods that can be done to make handling this knife a little more safe,
firstly strip the red ochre paint from the handle by burning or sanding
then cut a few cross cuts into the handle with a knife or a saw, it's surprising just how much extra grip this modification provides,
lastly, cut a small choil in the blade
should the worst happen and your hand slide down the handle, this little choil will prevent your hand sliding the full way down the blade and thus prevent a serious injury!


  1. Clever mods! Looks and works much better after them, I'm sure. :)