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Wednesday 15 February 2012


It's been a very long time since I made one of these, and as you know I'm not one for perfection, I don't tend to labour over things to get them as perfect and beautiful as can be, I believe whole heartedly in the addage of "if it works it'll do!" so I don't care if it's rough and ready or wonky or shabby,if it does the job I intend it to do then I'm a happy man..

I used a mora 510 and a mora spoon knife, just basic work at the moment as the wood was still green, I tried to sand it a little with very coarse 40 grit paper but even this was clogging up,

so I guess I'll just have to leave it to dry for a few weeks before I can do any more work on it, as long as it holds water that's all I need it to do.


  1. Rough? You kidding?;-)

    Great work! What wood is it made from?

  2. Thanks Fimbulmyrk! I still think it's very rough,it's made from willow.

  3. You can force it a bit by cooking for about an hour in saturated salt water. I also had good success by frying submerged in a mixture of linseed oil, beeswax and spruce resin, gets quite tough! If you do it in a vaccum steam pot, that stabilizes the wood to the core, but you have to be extremely careful. Best do it outside and keep the lid at hand in case it starts to burn!

  4. Very good tips, thankyou I will try that.

  5. So who needs a tin cup? Besides, the kuksa is more fun.