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Sunday 26 February 2012

Simple Woodcraft Experiments 1

We went out for the day to have a simple time trying out a few things that we have been meaning to firstly the woodsmans friend was fire which we lit with amadou and ferns

he'll huff and he'll puff

doesn't take long to get good smoke

and our good friend prometheus smiles upon us!

Thinking about what Keith had been saying about bracket fungus tinder I picked a birch polypore and charred it in the fire hoping to get another string to our flint and steel bow

It was smouldering so well I had to put it in my tin cup and bury it to starve it of oxygen, so I had high hopes that this would work

However no matter how many sparks we dropped on it from flint and steel and as a last resort even from the ferro rod it would not catch, we put it back to flame in the fire and it caught right away
so we simply left it to see how long it would smoulder for

This little fungus smouldered for just over an hour and very hotly too I might add, I broke a little piece off and blew cleavers to flame with it, so it's got potential especially as an extender or as a method to carry fire but as for it catching a spark I think we need more experimentation with this and other bracket fungi.


  1. That is one area I have to practice a lot still! Thanks for inspiring me again!

  2. I am sorry it did not work for you, good try though! I am surprised it did not work. Very frustrating not being there. It looks strange. Was it completely dry when you charred it?

    With tha Amadou, did it catch a spark as is from flint & steel? ie without treating in any way?
    Regards, Keith.

  3. I do think it was completely dry as it smouldered well once ignited with flame,it just didn't seem to take a spark,still this wasn't the type of bracket fungus we would normally use, so once we find some of our regular stuff we will try that, the fun is in the experimentation!!

  4. Hey Phil,

    Only seeing you had a blog now!! We've had good success with Polypore but using a different method. When fresh and rubbery, cut it into strips. Dry the strips (without charring). It should kinda still feel a little like felt or rubber when done. Scrape your blade on it to get small lumps of it and use your Fero rod to get it going. I think Tony got it to work with just his flint and steel but I have to ask him again.

    Cheers mate

    1. Hi Donal,many thanks for dropping by Brother..that sounds like a good test I'll have to try that out! thanks again..

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