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Wednesday 14 December 2011

Yew Berries

Went out for a little walk to see if there were any wild edibles about. It's been very stormy and plenty of sleet and some snow lying on the higher ground so I was interested to see if there was anything sweet about.

There's a nice yew tree were I often walk and it always has a pile of berries on it, lovely and sweet and slimey

Always remember to spit the seeds out as they are poisonous. Unusually most things about the tree are poisonous except the juicy berries,but always take care with any wild food and never eat what you're not 100% sure off.


  1. I love them myself, but seldom eat them... bit of too much of a thrill if you ask me;-) something like eating Fugu fish*ggg*.

  2. Have you ever heard of Vitamin B17 and it's studies related to Cancer?

    I've heard of many seeds containing this vitamin; which are supposedly 'poisonous', but that they're really only harmful to you if you eat LOTS of them at one time; much like anything is harmful to you if you take too much of them at one time.

    People eat apple seeds and cherry pits and apricot/peach seeds all the time and don't get sick or die, and those are considered 'poisonous.'