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Wednesday 21 December 2011

An unusual Fungal Find

when out recently I came across this beauty, I should have out my knife against it so that would have given you a sign of scale, but it's a beauty and one I only find very rarely

Can you tell what it is? It was a big one weighing about 2 pounds!!!!

I cut in half as the outside was looking a little rough, the inside was starting to turn but would probably have been edible, after all it is a cauliflower fungus!


  1. If it is growing from the base of a tree or tree stump it could be Meripilus giganteus common name Giant polypore. It kills a lot of trees. Looks like it anyway.

  2. I think it looks more like Sparassis crispa. Quite a big fellow ;)

  3. @Abo..It was growing near a tree but not on it. Funny how different people all have different ideas as to what it is,I like that,I think thats why fungi are so interesting.